Vincent Leroy

Moving under the influence of Japanese pop culture and New Realism, Kinetic Artist Vincent Leroy forms poetry with his technology.  Movement and repetition redefine natural order and commanded creation. Electric Flowers absorbs a haunting and fascinating rhythm that reinforces the endless repetition of motifs. Thus this field of mechanical flowers whose petals turn tirelessly on their rolling pins becomes an unlikely ode to the fragility of nature. 

Born in 1968, into a farming family in  Avranches, in France’s Normandy region,  Vincent Leroy graduated  from the Ecole Nationale Superieure de Creation Industrielle in 1995.  In his work as an industrial engineer, he maintains an overall perspective on the manufacturing process selecting shapes, materials, colors and technical properties.  Active on the international contemporary art scene, Vincent Leroy is among those artists who refuse to be categorized.

受到日本流行文化和New Realism的影響,動力學藝術家Vincent Leroy用自身的技術撰寫詩篇。物體的運動和重復重新定義了自然秩序和規律的創造。Electric Flowers 擁有令人困擾又十分迷人的節奏,而這也強化了圖案的無限重復。因此,這一區機械花朵的花瓣在滾動銷上不知疲倦地轉動,並完成了對自然脆弱性的不可能的頌歌。

1968年, Vincent Leroy出生於法國諾曼底地區Avranches的一個農民家庭。1995年他從Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle畢業。作為一個工業工程師,他在製造過程中對形狀、材料、顏色和技術性能的選擇保持了整體性。活躍於國際當代藝術圈的Vincent Leroy是那種拒絕被歸類的藝術家。